We support startups and scaleups throughout the fundraising or M&A process

enabling them to secure favorable contract terms and identify suitable investors based on their specific needs.

Storytelling & Investor Engagement

Together with the startup, we develop the storyline, the equity story, pitch content and graphics. We conduct in-depth market and competition analysis and prepare all the necessary documentation for investor interactions.

Transaction Documents

We prepare detailed business plans with sensitivity analysis and other documents adapted to the requirements of professional investors. We provide qualified business valuations and dynamic captables to predict the evolution of the corporate structure.


We evaluate investment agreement terms based on industry best practices and our experience from over 45 deals. We create termsheets and other ready-to-use documents.

Assistance on non-core business areas

From board and assembly minutes to operational dashboards and communication with law firms or shareholders, we offer concrete support to founders during complex moments, providing 360-degree assistance in all phases.

Structure of the operation

Structure of the operation

We determine the most suitable fundraising approach and deal structure tailored to the company’s business needs, investor types, and market environment. We utilize three categories of instruments:


Typical in Venture Capital, requiring qualified valuation, negotiation assistance, and analysis of corporate governance and structure.


Instruments like SAFE, SFP and convertible debt offer flexibility to meet the needs of corporates and investors.


We collaborate with leading lenders to identify the best options for accessing debt instruments for startups and SMEs, ensuring efficient finalization.

Finding the most suited investor

Our goal is not just to secure financial resources but also to identify partners who align with the company’s vision and provide long-term value.

With our team’s extensive deal experience, we have built a wide network of investors capable of participating in different types of deals based on:

Type of investor

VC funds, Family Offices, Corporates, and Business Angels have different goals and preferences for their investments and therefore get involved in different operations.

Type of investment

The instrument type, transaction size, and company’s life cycle stage determine the relevant investors to approach.

Industry and geography

Mapping the geographical and sector-specific needs of investors and their evolution is crucial.

Investment strategy

Understanding investment drivers and strategies allows us to engage with investors who are aligned with the company’s medium to long-term objectives.

Connecting outstanding entrepreneurs and visionary investors