A close-knit team of venture capital professionals, working alongside scaleups, investors and corporate

we enable the best entrepreneurs to successfully complete fundraising or M&A transactions while maintaining a focus on managing their companies, and we support corporate and investors in identifying the most promising deals

Our Value proposition

HIGH PROBABILITY OF SUCCESS – We maximize benefits for all stakeholders through our proven competence, expertise, and reliability.

REDUCTION IN TIME – By taking care of the most critical steps, we enable founders to successfully complete fundraising and M&A without being distracted from business management.

FULL-TIME TEAM “BY YOUR SIDE” – We support our clients with a team of professionals with the best expertise in the industry.

VALUABLE KNOW-HOW – We provide acquired knowledge and experience tested in dozens of operations.

Our vision

To be the partner of choice for financial advisory in the innovation ecosystem.

Our mission

To help outstanding entrepreneurs leading disruptive businesses in fundraising and M&A transactions and to build an exceptional team of committed, independent, and trustworthy professionals.

Our values

We follow the highest professional and ethical standards …
– Honesty, integrity, transparency, accuracy and dedication
– Maintaining an independent perspective
– Putting clients interests first while protecting investors

…connecting outstanding entrepreneurs and visionary investors…
– Adding value to our clients beyond our advisory role
– Cultivating lasting relationships based on mutual trust
– Choosing our clients carefully and being their preferred choice

  …creating an enjoyable environment for a collaborative team
– Treating each other respectfully
– Creating a non-hierarchical and inclusive enviroment 
– Supporting a meritocratic approach

    Connecting outstanding entrepreneurs and visionary investors