Growth Capital and Italian Tech Alliance: VC report Q1-24
Aprile 15, 2024

Presenting the Q1-24 edition of the Venture Capital Report – Italy, developed by Growth Capital in partnership with Italian Tech Alliance.

Key data on Q1-24:

➡️108 Investment rounds with €443 million invested in total

➡️55% of the total capital raised comes from the quarter’s two mega rounds: Bending Spoons and MMI

➡️13 #SeriesA rounds, 2 #SeriesB rounds, and 12 #exits

➡️Sectors: #SmartCity with most rounds and #Software with the largest amount invested

➡️Verticals: AI# with most rounds and #Apps with the largest amount invested

Insights into #Europe

In Q1-24, number of rounds (2,404) is in line with the record low from Q4-23 and the total amount invested (€12 billion) is the lowest since Q2-20.

Insights into #Italy

In contrast to Europe’s slow-down, Italy has had a promising start to 2024. For the first time ever, quarterly VC rounds in Italy have reached the triple digit (108), as revealed by exclusive Growth Capital insights on 38 non-public deals. Q1-24 is the fifth quarter of #growth for total amount invested (€443 million).

Insights into #Spain

The number of rounds (83) in Q1 remains steady compared to previous quarters and the amount raised (€413 million) is in line with the 3-year average. The top performing sector in Q1-24 is #Lifestyle, which brought in €110 million.

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