Digital Service Report presented by Growth Capital and Netcomm
Febbraio 27, 2024

The Digital Services in Italian and European Venture Capital”: Netcomm’s research in collaboration with Growth Capital, analyzing the landscape of investments in innovative startups with a distinctive digital component.

The trend of investments in Digital Services in Italy has seen a steady increase from 2018 until 2022, followed by a sharp decline in 2023, with a 60% reduction in the amount invested (€249 million compared to €617 million in 2022) and a 13% decrease in the number of rounds (88 compared to 101 in 2022). The contraction recorded in 2023 for Italian Digital Services was more pronounced compared to both the country’s overall Venture Capital average (-4% in the number of rounds, -37% in the amount invested) and European Digital Services (-34% in the number of rounds, -50% in the amount invested). However, considering the historical analysis of the last 6 years, it is noteworthy that Italy has reduced the gap with major European ecosystems in Digital Services.

These are the findings from the research “Digital Services in Italian and European Venture Capital” presented by Netcomm, the Digital Commerce Consortium in Italy, along with Growth Capital, the tech investment bank in the Venture Capital ecosystem, boasting a 90% success rate and offices in Milan, Madrid, and London. The study outlines the dynamics of startups operating in the Digital Services ecosystem, comparing financing operations in the European and Italian landscapes. The report categorizes startups into 10 main sectors, providing a detailed view of investment activities, valuations, and exits. The research is structured into several key sections highlighting the dynamism and challenges of the sector, as well as emerging opportunities for startups and investors.

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